18th Ave Café G Inc. 🥗 Georgian Food and Bakery ☕️🥧

18th Ave Café G Inc. 🥗 Georgian Food and Bakery ☕️🥧

8611 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214, USA

website: brooklyngerogiancuisine.com

Facebook: 18thAveCafeG

Instagram: Cafe_G_18ave

Youtube: Cafe G 18 Ave

18th Ave Café G Inc. is a cafe and bakery in Brooklyn, NY, serving delicious and authentic Georgian treats and baked goods. We use only the best ingredients and recipes for all of our dishes, serving our customers quality that they can taste in every single bite. Packed with flavor and cooked the way it would at home, you are sure to love everything about our Georgian cuisine.

Our menu items include:

18th Ave Café G Inc. is committed to becoming the go-to cafe for you and your loved ones. We use top-quality ingredients carefully hand-picked to create the tastiest dishes in the most sustainable way possible. For more information about our lunch specials, contact 18th Ave Café G Inc. today!


Published: February 26, 2024
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