Taste of Georgia in New-York 🥗 Georgian Food and Bakery 🥧

Taste of Georgia in New-York 🥗 Georgian Food and Bakery 🥧

1637 E 18th St, Brooklyn, NY 11229, USA
+1 (718) 336-5556

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To Georgians cooking is a form of art that is considered very vital to the culture. That is why eating well is the prime importance to most Georgian people who tend to spend an amazing amount of time thinking about, talking about, and consuming food. Taste of Georgia is the place where you can experience all of the above with the real Georgian takeout food that is tastefully done and creatively made. YES!!! It offers a cuisine that is both tasty and unique.
Taste of Georgia loves its regular customers who have been the biggest cheerleaders to the store and in the future welcomes the new ones who will become a part of the Taste of Georgia’s community. Please feel free to post some comments and feedback on our Facebook page, we truly would love to hear it from you.
With Love & Peace to our customers.


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Published: June 4, 2022
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